Eddie The Dachshund cushion fabric


Eddie the Dachsund

I painted Eddie the Dachshund a few years ago, with a cushion in mind, I used watercolour and the background is an intricate pattern derived from a Morris design. Eddie is printed onto velvet, which brings the artwork to life, and is handmade with black linen piping and back.  I love dogs, especially dachshunds, and think this friendly cushion would add a quirky friendly face to the room!

1 meter makes 4 48 x 48 cm cushions front only, or 1 quarter makes 1 front 48 x 48 cm cushion.


Soft Velvet 280gsm

Soft short pile velvet with a luxurious look and feel, made from 100% polyester, particularly durable.   Wash on a delicate machine cycle at 30 degrees C85F. Iron on a medium heat not using steam, ironing print side down for best results. Do not iron on top of other polyester fabrics, as the print may transfer. Do not dry clean. Do not wring. Shrinkage 2 - 5%